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This section is dedicated to showcasing my work from my Advanced Digital Arts & Animation course at Obra D. Tompkins High School in Katy Tx.

Disney Airlines

For this project I challenged myself to build Disney Airlines from the ground up, building off of reported information. This includes close to the entire airport experience and on board amenities and perks.

Nickel Wishes

Assist the client in the development of graphic materials to be used.

Assist the client in the creation of physical non marketing materials.


Manor is an interactive dining experience focusing on global cuisine. The story of how and why this old estate was turned into this restaurant is slowly unfolded during each visit to The Manor. Each room has a new story to tell about the previous owner of the manor. To gain the full knowledge of the manor one must visit every room.

Burgers Of America

Burgers Of America was a collaborative food truck design project with Noah Good. We were assigned the food, burgers, and from there creative liberty was ours to create logos, a truck wrap, menus, food items and more.

Paramount & Warner Bros Resort

To create The Paramount & Warner Bros Resort Orlando, an entertainment district located in Orlando Florida that would directly compete with The Walt Disney World Resort and The Universal Resort Orlando. Included in this resort would be multiple parks, shopping & entertainment districts, and more

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